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Enhanced Concealed Handgun Carry License (ECHCL)
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Registration for the ECHCL will work as follows:

Select the date for the class you wish to attend.

Some classes will be at large venue classrooms conducted off site in Conway. In those classes, the Live Fire Qualification (LFQ) will be segregated into several groups of shooters. Once you select the class date, you will then select the time slot you wish to perform your LFQ. LFQ groups are limited to the number of students that can shoot at one time and are allotted on a first enrolled basis.

Other classes will be held entirely at the Shoothouse USA facility. On those class dates you will not see LFQ options because we will conduct the LFQ either immediately before or immediately after the class depending on the date.
Please select one of the following dates and a LFQ date/time:

Feb Classes
Thurs Feb 8th is SOLD OUT
Sat Feb 10th
Sun Feb 18th is SOLD OUT
Sat Feb 24th
Sat Mar 3
Sat Mar 10